Patberg Inc – Executive Search Overview

Our Services

Expertise — We are experts in the area of hiring top talent, with a specific emphasis on hiring exceptional talent that “fits.” We are customarily a “retained” search firm.

Process — We have a specific way of conducting searches because our process produces results. Our process does provide enough flexibility to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met, fully.

Experience — With over 25 years of experience, we have the wisdom that comes from life’s trials, but our attitude of dedication and perseverance means that we won’t give up until we have successfully finished our job.


Why Our Clients Choose Us

Passion For Our Clients — We don’t just do search work. We are passionate about getting our clients the people they want to make their businesses better and their lives easier.

Proprietary Search Technique — This technique is very simple but very effective because it quickly gets us to the best candidates. This means that you can be assured of top talent.

Our Clients Get What They Want — Our whole search approach is to give our clients exactly what they want. With this approach and our tools, our clients know that when they interview they are not going to be wasting their time.

Less Worry — We communicate at every stage of the process so that our clients know what is happening. This means that our clients can focus on their business not worry about what we are doing.


A Changing World

Changing Standards — The world of executive level search has changed, and the standard search strategy rarely works anymore. Today’s job description is broad and demanding, requiring that candidates have not just organizational expertise, but, often, political and communications acumen.

Attention — The stakeholders are can be diverse–representing governmental, business, industry specific and general public interests–and often play key roles in any successful selection process. The process itself requires flexibility, creativity and above all, the full attention of top-level search consultants.

Collaboration — A significant portion of our search work has been conducted for organizations that require leaders who can successfully collaborate with a broad range of individuals and organizations.

Leadership — The leaders, whom we’ve helped hire, have proven to be not just successful executives, but successful spokespeople, consensus-builders, fundraisers, advocates, educators and ultimately, respected  leaders.


Direct Search

Style — We employ a direct-contact recruiting style. We don’t just advertise your position. We pro-actively “head-hunt” the leaders who “fit” with your team and your company because we know from experience that the best people need a certain amount of coaxing, which is best done through direct communication.

Passive Candidates — Directly searching and addressing potential candidates within defined target industries is the most certain and fastest way to the right executives. This is the only way of reaching qualified candidates who are not currently on the search and who therefore cannot be reached via a job advertisement. This target group is generally also the most attractive.

Top Quality — We passionately believe that our job is to deliver top-quality service that exceeds client expectations, always focused on the ‘”fit.” Hands on, attentive and eager to exceed your expectations, we ensure that your executive search experience is a seamless success from beginning to end.

Exceptions — When the position is unique, requires a vast or specialized range of skills, and/or the candidate pool seems small, we excel! Finding the “hard-to-find” candidate, we know how to interpret and apply relevant candidate experience and attributes to determine if there is a good “fit.”