Patberg Inc – Candidate Assessments


Have you ever just wished that someone could make the decision on which person you should hire?

You are not alone. Almost everybody appreciates a helping hand in the interviewing and selection process.

Patberg Inc. guides companies in selecting & hiring exceptional talent!

We are experts in guiding executives toward exceptional talent, especially quality talent that “”fits.”” We target 13 specific areas about people to guide our clients when they are hiring leadership roles in their company. Our approach is based on the premise of “Hiring for Fit.”

Hiring is more than skills and experience! Skills and experience are important–absolutely, yes. Clients definitely need to hire qualified people, but the real long-term success of a successful leader is the “fit.” How many times have companies hired well-qualified people only to have them not work out. These candidates had the right skills and experience but didn’t work out because they didn’t “fit”.

Our Selection Consulting is not executive search or personality and psychometric testing. It is hand-on, direct client consultation and communication, guiding our clients in hiring these exceptional leaders. Our selection process is focused in this manner:  2/3 of out time is devoted to fit and the remaining 1/3 is focused on the skills and experience.


First we have to answer the question – What is “fit”?

“Fit” is the matching of the personal attributes, position qualifications and company culture of a prospective employee and the company.


Personal Atrributes:  Everyone already knows that people have personalities, but they often don’t stop to consider that companies have personalities and even  a company culture. Matching the personality of the individual and personality/culture of the company is one of the most important aspects to hiring a new executive.


Company Culture:  These are “how” characteristics of a person, which include how someone builds relationships, how they are motivated and how they think. Once the culture of the company is determined, we need to focus on which attributes are important for the specific position. These attributes are innate to each individual. In other words, they are not likely to change. Too often, companies will try to “develop” these attributes. To be direct, these attributes are not likely to change–ever.


Position Qualifications:  These are the skills, knowledge and experience, which most us alredy understand. Qualifications are learned traits. These are the easy things to appreciate and determine when hiring. Prospective candidates either have the required qualifications or they don’t. There is one major difference between personality, attributes and qualifications and that is the fact that people can learn new qualifications (skills, knowledge); however, they are not likely to change their personality or how they do things.


Customized Solutions

These components can be used in a full service approach, or we can customize the components, individually, to meet your exact needs. Our job is to guide our clients in hiring new executives in an objective, unbiased method.