Patberg Inc – Our Difference


At our core, we strive to provide credibility in our work and use our in-depth knowledge about strong hiring practices to ensure that we positively impact your business by getting you the best employees that “fit” you, your organization and company culture.

We are experts at guiding companies in the process of hiring leaders and executives. Why? We recognize that the best hires truly “fit.”. They “fit” with the culture of the company. They “fit” in the role they are hired to fill, AND they have the right skills and qualifications!

With quality time and a focused philosophy, we invest in every project to ensure a fast start and a successful outcome, and our results reflect the extra time, effort and top-level expertise that we invest. Patberg Incorporated has built its reputation on success, especially with searches that other firms might call “challenging.” Challenging searches are our speciality. Our clients, large and mid-sized corporations, and healthcare delivery organizations are typically looking for much more than a qualified candidate whom can do the job. They want us to help them find someone who “fits” because they realize that long-term success is deeply rooted in building and sustaining a winning culture.

As president, my team and I are committed to making sure your hires are done right, while I remain consistent with the ideas, integrity and philosophy that make us different.

Gregg Patberg, President